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Euphoria is formed by Margo and Miguel. We are a passionate team with abilities and characters that complement each other perfectly. Two minds always think better than one. We always participate together in photo sessions, and debate all aspects of each project giving advice about each other’s work.

We love photography and we love to work with people. Our love for photography started back in 2004. Through our adventures in the five continents we have embraced all sorts of cultures, and although travel photography is always a great experience, we are mainly devoted to the intimacy of human relations. Every session is a new start, we always try to get a fresh point of view and an outcome with stunning colours. It’s our privilege to be able to materialise your happy moments in life.


"Life is like a camera. Just focus on what´s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don´t work out just take another shot." Photography is so much more than a still, it's all about the story that surrounds it. That´s why I love portrait photography, because it´s about the story of people. One of the comments I hear more often in sessions is that people are uncomfortable to stand in front of a camera. You know what? Me too! Over the years I have stood myself in front of fellow great photographers lenses, and learned much from them! Now I believe that if a person feels relaxed, has a confident photographer in front and all the other cooking ingredients are ready, a great photo is on its way!


For me photography is not  a job,  it’s something that makes me smile and makes other people smile too. As long as I can remember, creative ideas have been running through my head, looking for a way to manifest. Since I got my first DSRL camera and 'discovered' photo editing my urge for creating beautiful things has started to be fulfilled. I love portrait photography as it so much fun to interact with different people every time. I love food photography as I enjoy cooking and to celebrate eating. I love travel photography as the world is an extremely interesting place. Love for photography is contagious and you may fall in love too!

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